Published on March 23, 2022

         An article by Anne Köhler, published on Feb 6, 2022.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl starting to take her first steps into a new and unknown world. She did not know which battles to take, which fights to win, but with every little step she took, she got braver and lost the fear of the future to come.

Somehow like this, my own path into the unknown world of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies could be described when I started the DLT Talents Program in October 2021 in Cohort #3 with over 100 fearless ladies.

I wondered if blockchain experts really fall from the sky like golden thaler in Grimm’s myth “Sterntaler”. But this miracle did not prove to be true. It is all about the constant effort and unstopped enthusiasm about a new adventure: Dancers train dancing daily, authors also write bad articles sometimes, and you will only be called a blockchain expert one day if you start with the first step.

Today, I am proud to say that I am improving every day. When starting this journey, I always recalled the thought you should have in mind when you choose to walk on an unknown path: It’s not about how others see you, but what you choose to do.

It’s never too late to invest (yourself) in blockchain

Why should you start right now to learn about distributed ledger technology? This will not be an investment advice — but a general call to action: This is still a brand new technology and everyone is experimenting. This complete metaverse of distributed ledger and different kinds of blockchains will be integrated in our future, this is for sure. We do not know in detail how this will look like, but this is always the fascinating thing about the future.

I interviewed some people during the DLT Talents Program and talked to various blockchain enthusiasts and everyone confirmed — without exception — that there is no regret about the time and effort they all invested. Only not investing into Bitcoin early enough might cause sad memories for the one or the other, but who knows if it is too late by now (again: no investment advice).

Currently, we are at the same stage for blockchain and distributed ledger technology as the internet was back in the 90’ies. So starting right now makes you still an early adapter kid. So go out there, start your own fairytale and try to find your field of interest.

New kids on the block(chain) — latest girl group in town

The fairytale of cohort #3 of the DLT Talents is not an ancient story about native blockchain experts, but a rollercoaster ride with over 100 talented ladies from around the globe. These “new kids on the block(chain)” will definitely carve out some further careers from within our latest girl group in town — hosted from Frankfurt, but scattered all over the world.

We all together joined this 18 week mentoring program with outstanding female speakers, expert mentors and a supportive community. We created indepths knowledge in various fields like the fundamentals of Bitcoin and Ethereum, crypto assets and different kinds of tokens, decentralized finance, technical fundamentals of consensus algorithms, smart contracts, identity management, regulatory perspectives and various use cases as well as start-up projects. And we all struggled with the assignments each two weeks to perform. But like in each famous fairytale: You will only be able to beat the dragon after some serious training in smaller fights. So, we all left the crypto battlefields with a few regressions, but even more prosperity in knowledge and confidence. To all the future dragon warriors out there: Do not miss any battle, it will only make you stronger — love the assignments, this is the prince (or princess) you would like to conquer.

Girls just wanna have fun — a blockchain fairytale to come true

The future of female blockchain is bright. Analyzing some of the developments over the past years show that also the statistics prove this. While in January 2022, almost 15 out of 100 persons engaging in the Bitcoin community were female, back in May 2018, the number was two thirds lower.

Bitcoin Community Engagement by Gender — January 2022
Bitcoin Community Engagement by Gender—May 2018


With the help of the DLT Talents Program as well as further fearless female (and male) dragon warriors out there, this ratio will increase even more — and this is not the end of a fairy tale with a happy end, but the start into a bright blockchain future.

More color on Distributed Ledger Technology

While different perspectives, different CVs, different experiences will create different use cases for future blockchain applications, we have to ensure that the variety of people is unlimited. This will help the DLT universe to grow and create solutions that will lead to a more sustainable, fairer and more efficient future compared to today.

Unfortunately, there are still many women (and men) on the globe who do not have access to their own money or a financial market. This is a perspective that is not obvious to everyone, so please always remember to consider any discussion or problem from a different angle.

There will be use cases only women could detect, but which will improve the world. Please check out this interesting use case of tracking of hair extensions as example: Coronet Blockchain and Pretty Kubyane’s success story in this interview #WIB-Q&A With Pretty Kubyane Co-Founder Coronet Blockchain — Women On Top.

Blockchain is just a hype

Back in the 90ies, you could not imagine that nowadays we have apps on our mobile devices to book the next holiday adventure while waiting for the train. In the same way, we cannot think about the details of the blockchain going forward, but we can be sure that the future will be a future with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technology and more.

New technologies like these will change the world — even though the world does not understand it all yet. If you are not yet convinced: it’s like with the internet — it’s just a hype and no one is using it today.

Summarizing the above: I cannot build a mobile phone on my own, but I like to use it and I accept that I don’t understand all the code of the apps installed. In the same way, I cannot define the future use cases of DLT right now, but I am 100% convinced that the DLT future will be bright and I am looking forward to be part of it.

I love colors, I love diversity, I love new ideas and I love to learn from others. Please help me and every other new kid on the blockchain to grow and learn. Only like this, we will be able to find — or let’s better say “build” — the next blockchain dragon warriors.


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