DLT Talent: Agnes Kocsis

Published on January 20, 2022

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DLT Talent: Agnes Kocsis


Nationality: Hungarian

Residence: Munich, Germany


Field of study: Msc. Technology & Management, Bsc. Finance

University:  Technical University of Munich, Corvinus University of Budapest

Work experience: Risk Management, Product Management

Current affiliation: Technical University of Munich

Current position: Final Year Student


Why is blockchain interesting?

Because blockchain is the backbone of Web3 revolution. Users being able create content instead of just viewing was the great transition from Web1 to Web2, and now it’s the users themselves who will own and control pieces of the internet.


My touchpoints with blockchain so far

Investing & Yield-farming, Building in Hackathons, Marketing,  Wrote Thesis about trading algorithms using social media 

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