DLT Talent: Alison Goetze

Published on January 20, 2022

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DLT Talent: Alison Goetze


Nationality: German & Swiss

Residence: Zurich, Switzerland


Field of study: MBA & MSc in Psychology

University: Graduate School of Business Cape Town, NYU Stern Business School, University of Zurich (Department of Psychology)

Work experience: Financial Markets, Business Consulting

Current affiliation/position: Doctoral Candidate (Business Psychology) & Freelanced Consultant

Why is blockchain interesting? I am intrigued by its capability to fundamentally disrupt the global financial system, its power to create a paradigm shift and its potential to transform future business and finance as we know it.


My touchpoints with blockchain so far: Crypto-Investments, ICO research/white paper composition, Reading, DLT

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Application deadline: March 13, 2022

DLT Talents' 4th batch will commence on April 4, 2022. The application deadline is March 13, 2022; 23h59 CET.

The DLT Talents program is an 18-week long program that focuses on career development in the blockchain ecosystem. The program aims to empower women to become entrepreneurs, technologists, regulators, investors, or multipliers in the blockchain, crypto assets, or DLT ecosystem.

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