DLT Talent: Madeleine Parker

Published on August 17, 2021

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DLT Talent: Madeleine Parker


Nationality: British

Residence: Berlin, Germany


Field of study: MSc in Technology Management

University: ESMT Berlin / UCL London / Bologna

Work experience: KPMG Singapore; UN WFP; Vali Berlin

Current affiliation: Newlife.ai / Newcoin Foundation

Current position: Head of Growth


Why is blockchain interesting? A new era of ethical data, inclusion and trust. Centralisation of data and surveillance concerns me and together with blockchain and DAOs, we can empower people worldwide to own and earn from their data, with decentralised governance and transparency. The creative economy can merge with the internet of value for impact and development. 

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: Building a DAO and social NFT platform used by 35+ creators in 107 countries, backed by Farfetch, Nvidia and experts in the crypto/blockchain space. Entrepreneur, corporate product management and research.

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